sábado, 30 de junio de 2012


After 5 months without writing in the blog, I will tell you things.

During these months, I have been looking for a new way of finding a job. I decided to look outside of Spain, like some friends of mine and other youngsters, because of the scene we are living nowadays. I did some research on a scholarship for working in other countries: Leonardo da Vinci. People told me that it was very difficult that I got it, but I had nothing to lose by applying for it.

This would help me to learn more English, another culture, other people, others forms of thinking about architecture, etc. I couldn't stop thinking about all good things that opportunity would offer.

As the rules for getting one of these scholarships are difficult, I decided to look for an architecture study by myself in order to propose it in the scholarship. Due to several circumstances, I started to look in Croatia. After a couple of days, I received a "yes" from one study, and with it I started to send papers.

The study’s name is NFO, in Zagreb, which was born in 2008. This is their website: http://www.nfo.hr/. It is a little study, but energetic and with nice workmates: Kata, Nenad and Tatjana. I started working with them last week, and I will be in NFO until December. Now we are working on the reform of a flat with a reduced estimate, but there is where architects usually appear. A small project but very interesting.

I show you some pictures about the project for the City Soccer Stadium Lapad, near to Dubrovnik. NFO didn't win, but they won the third prize. If you want to know something more about it, here I leave a Link.

Little by little, I will tell you more things.